Rebecca Inman is a Supreme Court Family Mediator, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and a Parent Coordinator. Her office is located in Vero Beach, Florida. Rebecca holds a bachelor's degree in psychology, a master's degree with a dual specialization in addiction and mental health counseling, and an MBA. She is currently pursuing her doctorate in business administration. Rebecca is also a mother and a grandmother to three beautiful young women.

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Rebecca Inman Global & Executive Consulting

Rebecca Inman offers consulting services to organizations of all sizes and across the globe. She helps organizations to create a culture that is grounded in reducing burnout andincreasing productivity in both senior-level management and employees.

Rebecca Inman provides leadership training to organizations that are looking to improve their organizational culture.

Rebecca Inman helps organizations to reduce workplace culture conflict, provides conflict coaching and de-escalation training.

Change and transition is on-going in the life cycle of a business. Rebecca Inman helps organizations to reduce disruption that is common with change in an organization.

Rebecca Inman works with leaders of organizations of all sizes, C-Suite managers, and individuals to help improve listening skills, and how to effectively communicate how to get needs met.

The culture of an organization has seen significant changes in the last several years. Rebecca Inman offers leadership training,

Rebecca Inman provides fractional well-being officer services for organizations, to help organizations implement strategies of connection and well-being.


Rebecca Inman Global Business & Executive Consulting

Rebecca Inman is a global business and executive consultant. Rebecca has an extensive background in business, finance, mental health and conflict resolution. Her focus is to help individuals, regardless of their background to gather the skills to improve their relationships in and out of the boardroom. Rebecca holds a bachelor's degree in psychology, a master's degree with a dual specialization in addictions and mental health counseling, a master's in business administration and is currently pursuing a doctorate in business administration. Rebecca is a native of Florida, is a mother and a grandmother.

Passion for Resolution

As a business owner for almost 40 years, Rebecca Inman understands that personalities vary, so does culture and perspectives. Merging the myriad of intangible elements of human beings in an organizational culture can be challenging.

Change & Transition

Change and transition runs on a continuum in every organization. There are many factors that can propel change, both incoming and outgoing. Rebecca Inman works with organizations to help them reduce the stressors of change and transition within an organization.

Shape Shape Shape

Strength in Numbers




Rebecca Inman has worked with thousands of individuals.



Running Project

Rebecca Inman has worked on hundreds of projects.




Rebecca Inman has worked with hundreds of organizations.

Global Business & Executive Consultant

We Provide Working Solutions

Rebecca Inman helps leaders, managers, employees and corporations in their pursuit for a positive work culture that helps to promote anddrive their mission.

Unique Credentials

Rebecca Inman is trained and experienced in both fields of psychology and business.

Extensive Experience

Rebecca Inman has extensive experience working with a myriad of individuals, cultures and organizations.

Latest Research

Rebecca Inman continues to stay up to date on the latest research and well-being and business trends.


Rebecca Inman is committed to helping others create actionable vision and life worth living.


Visions die without results. Rebecca is hyper-focused on helping others to achieve their goals and vision of the future.

Leadership Skills

Rebecca Inman is a highly skilled and trained leader. She consults with both individuals and organizations.

Create an organizational culture that Promotes Well-Being

Let's Work Together

Rebecca Inman


I have always felt that it is an honor to serve others. Teaching is truly a passion of mine. I have extensive experience in both fields of psychology, human well-being, conflict negotiation, leadership, and change management. In addition to my business and entrepreneurial experience, I have spent several years volunteering at a shelter for homeless women and children helping them to regain their footing in life. She enjoys working with different cultures, individuals and organizations to help them succeed.

Our Mission

Create a Culture of Passion

Rebecca Inman strongly believes that effective communication and strategic planning are the bedrock of life to creating lasting and meaningful change, both in our personal lives and in business. She is a skilled communicator and mediator and teaches individuals their deficits in communication skills as well as what their strengths are. Rebecca has extensively studied and researched evolutionary psychology and the role that it plays in communication.

Rebecca Inman

Our Services and Specialties


Rebecca Inman offers consulting services to individuals and organizations.


Rebecca Inman offers in-house training to help organizations in a myriad of areas.

Keynote Speaker

Rebecca Inman is available as a keynote speaker. Please contact her office for more information.