Rebecca Inman is a Supreme Court Family Mediator, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and a Parent Coordinator. Her office is located in Vero Beach, Florida. Rebecca holds a bachelor's degree in psychology, a master's degree with a dual specialization in addiction and mental health counseling, and an MBA. She is currently pursuing her doctorate in business administration. Rebecca is also a mother and a grandmother to three beautiful young women.

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Shift Your Organizational Culture

Leaderdership Skills & Training

          The core leadership of an organization is crucial to productivity and the well-being of employees. Rebecca Inman has a unique background in both fields of psychology and business. She is also a Supreme Court Mediator and has extensive experience teaching individuals critical communication skills, both in and out of the boardroom. 

          There are many different philosophies of leadership skills. Rebecca works with individuals to help them discover what their strengths are and what areas they need to improve on. They are many components of leadership. Does a leader mold to their organizational culture or does the culture mold to its leader? She works with individuals and corporations to help them improve how they communicate and lead. 

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Types of Leaders

There is a myriad of leadership styles that can be employed with managing and leading an organization. Some individuals opt to use a single style, while others use a combination of styles. We have provided a list of some of the leadership styles that can be employed when leading an organization. Rebecca Inman helps individuals and organizations in leadership skills.

The goal of a Servant Leader is to serve its leaders. A Servant Leader posits that power is something that is shared.

A leader rewards its employees for the work that is performed.

A Transformational Leader uses innovative thinking as a leadership style.

An Autocratic Leader makes decisions solely based on their information and sources.

The policies of a Bureaucratic Leadership derive their policies from their organization.

Laissez Leadership involve leading with a hands-off policy and allowing employees to have autonomy to make decisions.

Rebecca Inman
Rebecca Inman
Rebecca Inman
Rebecca Inman_Business Consultant

Improve Organizational Relationships

Workplace Conflict

          Workplace conflict is inevitable in any organizational setting. Rebecca Inman is highly-skilled and trained in the areas of communication, leadership, and de-escalation. She can help to bring leaders and employees together to increase effective communication through training and coaching. She offers conflict coaching, conflict resolution, and de-escalation technique training to help organizations improve their workplace culture. Our goal is to help leaders and employees increase their engagement, and improve morale and organizational commitment.

The Costs of Workplace Conflict

A toxic workplace culture can be costly to an organization, and the impact can extend beyond having monetary implications. Employees who experienced increased workplace tension can lack organizational commitment. Improving communication between leaders and employees can positively impact morale. We have listed some of the costs of workplace conflict. Rebecca Inman helps organizations and provides workplace conflict management training.

Employees who are experiencing conflict at work can be prone to absenteeism.

Unresolved workplace conflict can open up potential lawsuits and subsequently increase costs in operating expenses.

Increased workplace conflict can result in employees underperforming and not meeting organizational goals.

Unresolved workplace conflict can result in employees feeling that they need to take action on their own.

Unresolved workplace conflict can result in higher stress levels in employees, prompting them to utilize medical services more.

Toxic, and underperforming employees increase costs of an organization.

Types of Conflict

The Different Types of Confict in a Workplace Setting

As a leader, manager or employer of an organization, you have to contend with a wide variety of personalities and at times complex problems. Diffusing conflict in a workplace setting can be challenging. Poorly handled disputes or disputes that are not addressed can lead to a reduction in employee satisfaction, and general disruption of productivity in an organization.

Rebecca Inman is passionate about helping her clients to understand the root causes of conflict, how to resolve difficult personnel challenges, and the importance of turning conflicts into opportunities for growth. The overall arching goal is to crate a more productive environment and to boost the well-being of an organization’s most coveted asset, its employees.

Create a Positive Culture

Employee Well-being

         No matter what the size of your company is, if you are a small business owner or a high-level C-suite executive, there are many hats to wear as a leader. Leaders also need to balance the culture of their organization and create an environment where employees want to produce stellar results and work in a collaborative environment. the last several years have been challenging for both employees and leaders. The needs of employees and businesses have shifted. There is more focus on safety and well-being, and increased uncertainty from the COVID-19 pandemic. How long the impact will continue to drag on the well-being of organizations and their employees is unsure.

Rebecca Inman, Global Business and Executive Consultant

Employee Well-Being

Well-being and the workplace were two words that were generally not seen together. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has changed how employees view their own well-being, and how corporations view well-being. The well-being of employees extends beyond insurance-driven wellness programs. Employees want more benefits and flexibility from their employers. Employees may want to adopt pillars of well-being that are used to govern their workplace policies.

Physical well-being includes health care benefits such as comprehensive health care insurance and dental insurance.

Unresolved workplace conflict can open up potential lawsuits and subsequently increase costs in operating expenses.

Well-being includes emotional well-being such as mental health wellness.

Employees want more options to their work schedule, and the option to work from home.

Toxic work environments and the loss of socialization can have an impact of the well-being of individuals.

Another pillar of well-being includes employees being content and happy with their careers. Effective leadership that understands the new post-COVID-19 pillars of an employee’s well-being is critical.

Rebecca Inman_Business Consultant
Rebecca Inman
Rebecca Inman_Business Consultant
Rebecca Inman_Business Consultant

Improve Employee Well-being

Fractional Well-being Officer

          The COVID-19 pandemic changed many things for both individuals and organizations. The role of a Chief Well-being Officer had little to no traction prior to the global pandemic. Everything changed in the early part of 2020 when overnight individuals and organizations had to make overnight decisions on how to operate in extreme conditions while keeping the most coveted asset of an organization safe, its human capital.

         The role of a Chief Well-being Officer now holds significant merit. It has never been more important to keep an organization’s human capital safe and well. As a C-suite position, a Chief Well-being Officer is responsible for a multitude of tasks to ensure the well-being of an employee.

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Work with Rebecca Inman

Our Services

Rebecca Inman offers a myriad of consulting services to individuals and organizations. Her unique education and experience merge the fields of psychology and business to help create more productive lives and work cultures.

Create a Positive Workplace Culture

Workplace Conflict

Rebecca Inman helps individuals and organizations to identify the core problems in their organizational culture. Training can be tailored for any organization, small, medium or large. Rebecca works with a myriad of organizations including service industries, medical, and police departments. Training can be in-person or it can be virtual.

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Retain Employees

Organizational Commitment

Employees invest significant resources to find, attract, train, and retain their employees. Reducing conflict, and ensuring that an organization’s employees are experiencing well-being is critical in retaining employees. Rebecca Inman works with organizations to help them in the areas of leadership training,reducing conflict and employee well-being.











Improve Communication

Conflict Management Training for All

Conflict can arise from a multitude of origins. Conflict can be interpersonal, intrapersonal, and intragroup. Increasing communication in the workplace can decrease workplace conflict. Rebecca Inman helps organizations to identify sources of conflict, and teaches how to increase listening skills, and improve communication.

Rebecca Inman_Business Consultant

Rebecca Inman, Global Executive & Business Consulting

Frequently Asked Questions

You may reach Rebecca Inman at 77.888.0828 or at [email protected] Please allow 24 hours for a response.

The size of the organization doesn’t matter. Rebecca Inman works with organizations of all sizes.

While Rebecca Inman specializes in workplace conflict, leadership training and employee well-being, she is well-versed in a myriad of business matters.

Rebecca Inman offers online and in-person training.

Rebecca Inman offers international services.

Rebecca Inman has extensive experience in the areas of psychology and business. She holds a bachelor’s in psychology, a master’s with a dual specialization in addictions and mental health counseling, an MBA, and is currently working on her doctorate in business administration. She is also a Supreme Court Mediator and a Parent Coordinator.

Rebecca Inman, Global Executive & Business Consultant

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